Bankruptcy is a complicated process. The legal jargon is confusing and materials provided by other Atlanta bankruptcy law firms are often dense and unreadable.

At Clark & Washington, LLC, we want you to be as informed as possible. We’ve simplified the answers to our most frequently asked questions about filing for bankruptcy in Atlantaso that you can be totally informed of your options.


How can bankruptcy help me?
Does everyone qualify?
How long does it take to file bankruptcy in Atlanta?
Will filing for bankruptcy stop repossessions, foreclosures, or garnishments?
What do I need to do to be sure my Atlanta bankruptcy case succeeds?


How exactly does my debt go away?
How long does the discharge take?
Will all my debts be discharged?
What effect will this have on my credit score?


Does your firm inform its clients of meeting times and dates or do I have to find that information on my own?
What happens at my free bankruptcy consultation?
Do I have to make a decision at the meeting?
After my consultation, will I be able to contact the firm if I have more questions?


Under state law, if you are late on your car payments or have defaulted on your lease or finance contract for your car, the creditor has the right to repossess the car, sell it and then possibly sue you for the rest of the debt.

If they sue you and get a judgment, they can garnish your wages and levy your bank accounts to try and satisfy the debt.

Does Bankruptcy stop Repossessions?
I am late on my car payment and the creditor says they want the car back. That happens now?
Can they come on my property?
What if I hide the car?
What happens after my car gets repossessed?
My car was already repossessed. Can Bankruptcy help get it back?
What about title pawns?
Can filing bankruptcy stop a title pawn repossession?


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